Why Install Air Conditioning Kent Systems

When it is time to add a new air conditioning Kent system to your building, it is vital to understand that many units are specially designed to suit the exact needs of individual buildings. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to these systems. With that in mind, here are some things you should consider when searching for the right Kent based air conditioning company for your particular requirements.

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Determining the size of the space the system will be used in should be at the top of your list because this will tell you what size air conditioning system you will need. The output for units is measured in BTUs. For example, it will take about 21,000 BTUs per hour to cool 350 square meters of space properly. That number jumps to around 34,000 BTUs when the space is 700 square meters.

Energy Consumption The next important number to look at is how much energy the unit will consume when it’s in use. Today’s energy efficient systems are much more cost effective than older ones. Although newer models may be more expensive to install, the high-efficiency makes them worth the extra money because they save money throughout the year.

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Humidity Removal When people mention that their homes feel too humid and damp when the air conditioner is running, that is generally a signal that there is something wrong with the unit itself. Air conditioning Kent systems are designed to remove humidity from the air as it circulates through the unit. The result is a cooler, less muggy home. If your home is not equipped with an AC system and it feels damp, you may want to consider installing one. This is particularly true if you have noticed the growth of mold.

Something else you should think about when considering installing new or adding to your air conditioning Kent system is whether you are using electric heat or baseboard heaters. If so, there may not be sufficient duct work in the walls or under the floor. However, central air systems often include adequate ducts that can be used to connect an AC unit. Ask your installer about this because it can save on installation costs.

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If cooling your home now requires the use of numerous box fans or ceiling fans, you may be paying too much on electric bills. After the initial cost for installing an AC unit, these devices will no longer be required and you can enjoy lower energy bills.