7 Things Great Dads Should Teach Their Boys About Life

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when my father asked me to follow him to the hardware store to buy a couple of supplies he needed to remodel the attic. I remember it being a long but enjoyable ride. We spoke of everything and nothing. Everything was going well until one of the tires ran flat.

As my father bent over to fix what went wrong, I can still remember him saying “Son, always be prepared. You’ve never know when your tires will run flat.” That’s one of the reasons I make sure  I get my tires right.

But that’s one out of several of the lessons my dad taught me when I was growing up. These lessons have helped me out of so many tricky situations and they acted like a compass to guide me. Now they are the same principles that I pass on to my sons. Here are some of the lessons I believe every great father should pass on.

  1. Teach them to be self-aware

I owe a lot of my present successes to knowing who I am. My father emphasized the importance of getting to know yourself; not just yourself, but about everything you owned.

I can still remember my father teaching me everything about  He had this believe that when you know who you are, your likes and dislikes you know exactly where to direct all your energy to and it also made one a very smart person.

Every night before going to bed, my father would sit in his favorite chair reviewing the events that took place during the day and how he reacted to each event and everything he learned and what new things he noticed about that day.

This is a habit he made me cultivate and it has helped me make better decisions and go know a lot of things in everything I come across.

  1. Teach them to know who to keep as friends

Every time my friends would come over to visit and my dad was around, he’d ask them questions, just to get to know my friends better. I never knew why he would do this and was even embarrassed that he asked too many questions. When my friends would leave he would tell me his observations about my friends.

With time I understood the value of keeping good friendships. My father’s observations made me make good choices of who I should draw closer within my circle. I’m into having many people around me, but I sure stayed away from a lot of trouble because I stuck with the right kind of crowd.

  1. Teach them how to manage money

Every man has the responsibility to earn money for the home. But its one thing to know how to earn money and it’s another to know how to manage it. Sadly, managing money is not something that is taught in school.

Every month I would watch my dad do his taxes and draw out a budget with my mom. I remember the time when they had to make sacrifices because they were saving up for a major project.

It’s good to teach your sons how to save and the importance of making life-long investments. I learned early in life to make sure that every penny I earned is used wisely. Starting early helped me have something to make use of when I became an adult.

  1. Teach them to be committed and dedicated in their work

My father preached hard work. When you work hard you are building for yourself a foundation upon which you will live a good life and reap the fruit of your labor. That’s why it is important to teach your son how to be committed to working hard at all times.

When you don’t teach your child how to stay committed and dedicated to working hard, they will be not be lazy in life and will learn how to tackle the task ahead with full force.

  1. Teach them that results come only when you’re patient enough

We all have missed it here at some point in our lives. It’s because we all have desires and you want them now. Working hard is laudable even when it comes with a lot of stress, but it can get frustrating when you don’t get what you want immediately.

Teaching your sons the importance of patience will help them to be more resilient in work and not give up at every slight sign of pressure. Teach them that patience is not only useful when you’re working but also in relationships and in mode of approach. Being too hasty can be detrimental to their actions.

  1. Teach them how to treat women

There’s a huge difference between men and women especially in the way we think. And although we would probably not be able to fully understand, it’s healthy to make an attempt to understand.

My father made sure he spoke to me about respecting women. Violence against women is becoming a common problem and if we start early by letting our sons know that women must be respected then the condition will change. Dad taught me to be a gentleman and know that women are not in any way inferior.


  1. Teach them how to recognize and believe in a higher power

There are times when you will not be able to control the outcomes, neither will you able to understand all that happens to you in life. Believing and handing everything over to God brings peace and happiness to your family and especially your children.

Acknowledging the presence of God in everything you do helps you treat yourself and humanity better. And you know that when all else fails, God would never.