All the simple information about Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C is a disease that attacks the liver. Diseases caused by the virus can trigger an infection and inflammation of the liver. According to WHO, the number of patients with hepatitis C in the world has reached 130 to 150 million people and the Hepatitis C has caused the deaths of 350 to 500 thousands of patients every year. An area that has the highest number of people with Hepatitis C is Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, the number of patients who died from complications of cirrhosis and liver cancer due to hepatitis C reaches 120,000 people each year. Hepatitis C generally does not show specific symptoms in its early stages. Based on this fact, about 75 percent of people with hepatitis C do not realize that they have been contracted until experience liver damage after a few years. Symptoms of Hepatitis C are usually very similar to symptoms of other diseases so the diseases caused by Hepatitis C are difficult to realize. Some of the symptoms of hepatitis C are tired, fatigued, and doesn’t have the appetite.

Acute infection and Chronic Infection

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Hepatitis C virus infection can cause both acute and chronic infection. Acute infection is an infection that occurs in the first six months after the virus entered the body. This infection is usually asymptomatic and rarely causing death. About 25 percent of sufferers managed to survive the infection without special handling, while the remaining 75 percent would save the virus for a long time. They are referred to chronic hepatitis C patients. Patients with chronic hepatitis C have an increased risk of cirrhosis within next 20 years. Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver so that the various functions of the liver are inhibited. This complication can be fatal. About 20 percent of people with chronic infection may develop liver failure and five percent of people with chronic infection are at risk of developing liver cancer.

Modes of Transmission of Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C virus growing is inside the blood so that we will be infected by hepatitis C in contact with the patient’s blood. The most common transmission mode of hepatitis C is through a syringe, for example, the use of drugs with a syringe or through the process of making a tattoo in a place that does not have sterile equipment.

In addition, each lend personal item such as toothbrush and free sex behavior can also increase a person’s risk for contracting the disease. Hepatitis C virus will not be transmitted through breast milk, food, beverages, or simple contact actions such as shaking hands or hugging.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hepatitis C

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The earlier handled, the easier liver damage in patients with hepatitis C can be inhibited. Every person who has a high risk for contracting the disease is advised to undergo a blood test to diagnose hepatitis C. For example, people who have ever or are actively using drugs through injections or people who have had blood transfusions.

If you are sentenced to be suffering hepatitis C, you might not need treatment. Acute hepatitis C can usually be recovered without special treatment. But patients with chronic hepatitis C are requiring a treatment of antiviral drugs. Antiviral drugs will stop the progression of the virus and prevent liver damage. One of the commonly used antiviral brands is generic sovaldi.

You should be aware that if you have ever suffered and recovered from hepatitis C, you still do not have fully immune to the virus. Although already recovered, people with hepatitis C should be careful because they still have the risk to be re-infected with the same disease.