What the binocular is and ATN as the best solution for you to deal with

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Do you have a binocular? Have you ever known what the binocular is? Today, the use of binoculars is growing rapidly. The fast growing is supported by the increased selling of a lot of stuffs related to the wild. There are so many TV shows like National Geographic, and Wild Life arouse an interest of so many people to do their own exploration. In this article, I will describe the history of telescope as an important background of today’s binoculars as well as the development done by ATN as a leading binoculars manufacturer.

 History of the Telescope as an important background for Binocular’s emerging

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In 1608, the telescope was first discovered by Hans Lippershey, a Dutch lens maker. He discovered that putting the two lenses with a certain distance can make objects appear closer. He has applied for a patent on his invention, but was rejected. In 1609, Galileo heard about the invention of the telescope, and he immediately made a tool and pointed to the night sky. With the aid of a telescope he braced his heliocentric theory, namely that the entire planet in the solar system surround the sun. It is against the beliefs of the church stating all sky objects surround the earth. Galileo was about to publish his finding when he was almost burnt by church officials but fortunately he was eventually jailed for life at home.

In 1704, Sir Isaac Newton made propose a new concept in the design of the telescope. Newton stated that the lens may break white light into a spectrum of light that shape to cause something called bending chromatic, namely reddish halo around the object being viewed by using a mirror. Newton avoided such problems in telescope design by using a curved mirror used to collect light and emit back to the focal point. The reflector mirror acted as a kind of light basket where the greater light-gathering basket, the more light that can be collected. Newton’s telescope was called reflection telescope or reflector.

Earth Binoculars

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Earth binoculars called filled binocular produce the final image that is upright to the direction of the original object. It can be obtained by using a third convex lens inserted between the objective lens and eyepiece. Third convex lens is flipping a shadow without magnification, therefore, this lens is called inverting lens. Earth binoculars are used to watch closely any object exist on the earth’s surface.

Advantages given by the use of Binoculars

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 As described above, there are so many advantages and purposes related to the use of binoculars. For sports-watching purpose, the binoculars are used to watch the games clearly. You must have seen so many MotoGP fans that use binoculars in watching the racing. The binoculars are used in doing almost all exploration activities. We already know that the binocular is something that should not be forgotten in preparing an adventure. Most of biologists use binoculars in watching bird’s life. The binocular is an important tool for any bird watching activity.

ATN as a leading binoculars producer

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ATN is a leading manufacturer of optical and thermal imaging equipments, especially binoculars. ATN is a company that has been serving a lot of people around the world for twenty years. ATN provides a wide range of optical equipments for various purposes; military, civilian and law enforcement. ATN, through its R & D Department, consistently launch innovative products, for example, is the new Thermal Weapon Series Line Thor Scopes that got the world’s attention in 2011 as the best Thermal Scopes product ever made. ATN capabilities in technological innovation attract not civilian users, but also military and law enforcement users, they are also greatly helped by the presence of a variety of products ATN.

ODIN is ATN product line designed specifically for military and law enforcement purposes, while the New OTS-X Series is designed for any customer who does not plan to do extreme activities. Each product, regardless of the purpose, designed and made with care, in accordance with the standards of innovation that has been developed by ATN. ATN has launched several related lines of Night Vision Binoculars, Goggles, monocular, and Weapon Scopes which have been equipped with the advancement in the field of optics and weight reduction. 2nd + Generation 10160 and 10130 tubes were added in the 2012’s innovation, creating a revolution in the line of Night Vision. ATN is a manufacturer and not the distributor so ATN will ensure every customer receives any product with full satisfaction. Each customer will be served in such a way according modern standards. Each customer will receive a warranty for every product purchased.

The Shot Show

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The Shot Show is the show of a variety of hunting equipments, which is held every year. SHOT stands for the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade. This show is a common reference which is exhibited significantly and directly. This show is open to a wide range of segments and also the press. The Shot Show serves a variety of purposes, both civilian and military. The first show was held in 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri. The next performances were held in other areas such as Louisiana, New Orleans, Florida and Las Vegas. ATN is one of the highly anticipated manufactures on each Shot Show.

The Upcoming 2018’s Shot Show

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Many people are still guessing what products will be shown in the Shot Show, but ATN as one of the awaited producers has set a bold step. According to the plan, and rumors that have been spread, ATN will introduce a new line of digital binoculars, day / night smart rifle scopes and gun cameras as a technological leap in the world of digital imaging. Reportedly, one of the new features will be displayed on the 2018’s Shot Show is the scope of 5-18x zooming feature capable of performing enlarging and reducing the scope of obsidian core. This feature will be adopted by the X-Sight, which allows each user to switch to the use of day and night by clicking only a button. ATN will also introduce GPS-Geo Tagging and built-in compass features. Both facilities will provide the ability to trace back the location where you found your target. Two of these features are very useful in each hunting activity. However, the image capture is the spearhead of ATN; some products of image capture will be equipped with ATN Smart HD Hunting Optics which enables each user to record video at a distance which is 5x more than standard cameras.

In choosing binoculars, we should consider some advices of adventures. They are the people who are used to live in the wild and doing hunting activities. Any advice they give will clearly give us an insight of how to choose binoculars properly. Do not get too hung up on the price because sometimes the price could not fully ensure the quality we will get. Choose only producers that have good reputation over years, since competition in the digital imaging world is very tight. ATN have proven its capability in providing a lot of digital imaging equipments. What you should do is ordering ATN’s products based on your needs, and you would meet any disappointment once you get your ATN stuffs. Good luck!