Check Your Website Index on Bing With Free Bing Index Checker Tool

Bing is the world’s major search engine. It works under the name of Microsoft introduced in the market of Internet in 2009. This searching tool was formerly known as Windows Live Search or MSN Search. Today, this web crawler has emerged as one of the chief search engines based on its collected indexes of years. With its growing popularity along with its developed technology, makes it stand opposite Google’s biggest competitor. Microsoft has represented this search tool with the help of innovative technology developed for MSN web search engine.

It’s very important for websites to be indexed in Bing so that they can be ranked on the Search Engine Results. Bing Index Pages are those pages which are continuously crawled over on the web in order to ascertain fresh content. This help Bing to refresh its “Cache” which are available with existing websites. This procedure is as such that Bing through its search bots generate an index that comprises all the URLs of a particular website. Once a web page is crawled over, it is included in its index. The tracked index guarantees the websites to be placed on the list of Bing.

The indexation of websites is done through one of very richest feature of Bing. This is called Index Checker. The job of this feature is to scan the search engine and informs about how many of the pages are indexed for a domain. Users who want to get the full information about their domain names in the index list, can check a full domain through ( and can a see sub domains through ( This allows a website to appear in Search Engines organic list with its fresh and unique content and type of activity the site is involved in.