How to Check Online Bulk Ip’s With Bulk IP Checker Tool

IP Address i.e. Internet Protocol Address in a name assigned to a computer device which is part of a computer network in a numerical form and uses Internet Protocol as the media of communication. The IP Address has two primary functions, first is to identify the path of the network and second, to ascertain its location. The IP Addresses are usually written in readable notation in numerical form. It is a vital part of the communication world which enables one to access information’s from the World Wide Web by using computer. It is equally necessary to protect an IP Address in a network as it may put a device vulnerable to security threats and one can easily extract valuable information from the system.

Bulk IP Checker is a tool to determine the duplicity of Internet Protocol Address in a particular list of websites. The tool helps in finding out whether the same IP address is hosting two or more domains which helps in discovering the duplicate IP address. One can find this out through various IP checker tools by entering numerous domain names in a single box and begin the test process. The duplicity in IP address puts a negative impact on the page rank and as well on the SEO activities going on for a website. By sharing an IP address with websites that have been blacklisted or being blocked by different search engines for having irrelevant content or other reasons, puts negative impact on the primary website of the user.

There are many types of websites that are being blocked dedicatedly by search engines for various reasons resulting in blockading of other websites that share the same IP address. As a high page rank and optimization is important for the front page of a website, the IP checker tool helps in notifying websites that are sharing the same IP address in a domain, thus highlighting the risks involved which may affect the page rank of a website. The bulk IP checker gives a detailed report of the IP addresses being shared, the unique IP addresses and the domains with duplicate IP addresses.

This tool enables one to view the IP addresses of a bunch of websites and presents it in a particular format before the user. The bulk IP checker find the duplicity in IP addresses as well as the duplicity in the class blocks and facilitates the user find and download the results in a “comma separated value” i.e. CSV format.

This checker tool is a very useful tool with respect to SEO activities and helps in eradicating the hurdles which are being faced by website masters while optimizing and increasing the page ranks of the webpages in their websites.