How to Check Your Competitors Domain Age With Domain Age Checker Tool

Domain name of any website is very important in order to rank the website on search engine ranking. The domain’s age acts as the biggest factor to determine the place it is holding in the results by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. It is understood that the websites who have maintained a long existence in the web world, also have more experience in their related field. Websites registered for more than a year imparts more confidence in respect to their stability of their existing website. The age of the domain matters a lot in the eyes of Search engines. One can easily check the age of domains with the help of tools like Domain Age Checker which are freely available online. This tool within seconds inform about queries like when was the domain created and information about the last time it was updated.

The use of this checking tool known as domain checker has made our work easier on internet. The user just have to enter the URL he wants to examine and have to press enter. The analyzing may include the matters of user’s own website, consider domains for buying the new one, can be used to analyze the relevancy of the competitor’s website on the search results. The webmaster can use the tool in order research about relevant websites that can help him advertising his products. As the method is very helpful in providing the approximate age of the domain along with its history related to the site’s first time existence on Internet. With this as the reason it puts great impact on Search Engines and acquires a top rank. In order to check the domain’s first time visibility or the time it was first founded, the Wayback machine is used for the purpose.

There are about billions of domains present in the web world. Each one of them hold their own distinctive personality like .com, .in etc. The websites are dealt into numerous of services offered by their sites. They may be catering the services products, entertainment, education, sale and purchase of goods and commodities and various other related fields. But the common point among all these websites are their domain names which is must. Domains are the identity of any website, without it the site cannot exists under norms and conditions of Internet. The life of a domain starts with the date of its registration and its age is begin counting. It becomes typical task to enquire about the domains age one by one. Therefore, in order to get rid with this problem bulk domain age checker is used. The tool helps in quick finding of domain’s date of registration, date of expiration along with the name of the registrar. The web master or the user can check about 500 domains at a time. There is no limit of how many he can check in a day. A domain may host different websites. Domain Bulk Checker allows the user to search for multiple domains at a time with their current status related to their aged years along with their price packages with other included factors.