Few Important Tips In Doing Keyword Research

The benefits of doing keyword research is very important, so that we should get keywords that can bring us to what called more simple competition, ensuring we are able to make our blog to be able to compete with other similar blogs. Google AdWords uses keywords trigger your ads to the right people. But the problem is how to choose good keywords that your website could be visited by potential customers. This short article is discussing about how to choose good keywords. In this article, I will share three tips to choose proper keywords or better called place proper keyword position. In the end we will use the AdWords Keyword Tool, but we still have to know the other aspects. We have to make sure every keyword we choose can determine success.

Use Keyword with length of 2-3 words

Unique keywords are better than ordinary keywords, every blog owner already know that. Keywords containing only one word are too common and have a very large search volume, but the percentage of their potential customers is very small. Instead, you should use more specific keywords with length of more than 3 words. They may have smaller search volume, but bigger potential customers, now you know the difference, don’t you?

For example, when we use key words “Bali Tourism”, it is better than if we use keyword “Bali”. Or keywords such as Sports Shoes, Football Shoes, Women’s Shoes, these keywords are better than “shoes”. The selection of keywords should be based on what called psychological side of the targeted visitors. Don’t ever think based on your view only, since you made your blog or website to interact with others not with yourself only. The longer keywords you use, the bigger potential customers you can reach but don’t exaggerate, since too long keywords will only make your website not displayed in search engines.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords is keywords that do not display our ads. An important function of these negative keywords is the limitation the give, so that our ads would not run over people who did not seem interested in our products. Suppose if we are businessmen who sell imported shoes in the price range above $ 1,000. Surely, people who look at Google searching for keywords local shoes and cheap shoes are not our potential customers. By adding “local” and “cheap” in the list of negative keywords, we make our ads not displayed in front of them.

Use AdWords Keyword Tool

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is a mandatory tool that must be used before choosing keywords for AdWords ads. Its use is quite simple, we just need to fill an existing column with our desired keywords and AdWords Keyword Tools will provide estimated search volume, level of competition and also the estimated cost per click. The Google’s tool also displays the key words that are still considered relevant to what we sell.

I hope simple tips above can help you in the future!