Few Important Tips To Write A Good English Article

Writing article in the English language is not as easy as imagined. Writing article in English should pay attention to several aspects in order to produce good article. Writing article is one of the English learning efforts to improve skills in English. There are several ways to write article in English:

  • Determine the theme of the article

Before starting to write, it’s good to determine the theme. Determine the theme, title and concept for the article would be made. The first step that must be done if a person were to write an article is to determine the theme of the article. The theme is very important because it serves as the soul of an article.

  • Find the reference

Find reference as many as possible for the article you would make. Here are some websites that provide a lot of references in article writing; www.buzzle.com, www.articlesbase.com, ezinearticles.com. Simply by writing the keyword to search the related information then all references will be available soon.

  • Use the right words

In writing the article; you must use the right words in order to attract other people to read. Use also polite words, as much as possible avoiding debates about race, religion, ethnicity, and others. You should check important parameters such as grammar, vocabulary and others. The checking should be done in order to avoid misunderstandings of readers in reading the article.

  • Use the language converter

If you are not a native English speaker, then you should use the language converter. There are a lot of services of Convert Language Online widely available on the Internet. What you need to do is searching them as many as possible, and then determining which meets your needs.

  • Apply the inverted-pyramid method

In writing news articles, most journalist use what called the inverted pyramid method in order to direct the reader to understand what the main core of news, so that readers who are interested in the big picture of the news will continue reading. The top (front) paragraph should contain the main features of your article and the reasons why the reader should read the whole article.

  • Use proper intonation

As well as verbal language, writing language also has intonation, depending on the purpose the author. There are positive tone, commanding tone, satirical intonation, peace intonation, friendly intonation, confrontational intonation, and so forth. Adjust intonation with the purpose of writing. Practice them until you find what suits your own character. I myself prefer the positive tone, and always invite people to think positively.

  • Utilize the quote

Citing the opinions of others (especially those who are experts) is a good thing, but it also should not make us put off creating a post. Your blog is in fact not an encyclopedia that almost always requires a referral. There are many things to consider in making and writing an English article, but of all that, there is one thing that I think is most important,¬†namely: “you have something to say”