Check Your Page rank Online with Google Page Rank Checker Tool


Pagerank is a program which is used in determining the quality of a website in the search engine results. There are many pagerank checker tools available out of which google page rank checker has an edge over its contemporaries. The pagerank is equally proportional to the quality of backlinks existing in a web page or website i.e. the better the quality of backlinks present, the higher will be the pagerank of web page. Google pagerank checker tool determines the relevance factor and the importance of a web page, many fake pagerank checker tools are existing which in turn points towards their websites with false high google pageranks. The practice influenced google to introduce its fake google pagerank checker tool.

Page rank checker is an instant method to ascertain the web rank of a web page or website by entering the URL of a website in a page rank checker tool which ascertains the quality of backlinks available in a page. The problem of fake page rank is coming into use very frequently in which false google page ranks are being highlighted due to which webmasters are inclined to visit the websites which has backlinks that are of no relevance or importance. Fake google page rank checker tool is an important SEO tool which has been put into use to keep a check on fake page rank checker tools by directing the URL of the website to the server which in turn checks the repeating of the web pages this helps the user while visiting the page URL by not directing it to the surfer this shows the fakeness in the page rank by the google page rank checker toolbar.

The ranking of the website falls due to the presence of unauthorized content and poor quality backlinks. This is possible because of the practices of those web users who backlinks with degraded links on other websites. A website is not ranked with just the presence of thousands of links. But it also checks the quality of the every single link present on the web page. The fake one containing links websites are penalized by the Search engines. This practice lowers down the rank of the site on the Search engine Results. Hence, with the help of these tools the practice is checked.