Google Top 10 Website Positions

To get position in top 10 websites on first page need lots of attention and SEO techniques. To get rank of Google Top 10 Website Positions is very tough and challenging task depending on keyword competition. SEO analyst decides best keywords according to nature of domain and website contents. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are important to get number one position in Google search engine.

Keyword competition analysis

Keyword selection is the main selection of SEO analysts to rank in search engines. Google Adword tool is best source which helps to plan targeting keywords. Local keyword competitors and global keyword competitor’s analysis have great attention. Low competition keywords, medium competition keywords and high competition keywords have great importance for SEO specialists to be prominent in search engine. Long tail keywords plays important role in tough environments among competitor’s websites.

Step by step guidelines to get early rank in search engine

  • Domain name should be unique
  • Meta Tags should be attractive and interest oriented
  • Description and articles should be unique and without grammatical mistakes
  • Structure should be user friendly and understandable for every one
  • Images and videos should be relevant to topic
  • Use 2 column or 3 column web page design
  • Use Site Map
  • No irrelevant material should be website and in contents which irritate to visitors
  • Informative and interest oriented material should be placed on website
  • Use pure Off-Page and White Hat SEO techniques to get early rank in Google
  • Avoid from Black Hat SEO
  • Follow Genuine method and not use short tricks to get number one position
  • Strong website back links
  • Use quality keywords and informative ideas
  • Use Do-Follow back links as maximum
  • Avoid grammatical stakes in Meta Tags, Description and in everywhere in the website
  • Use, Directories, Forums, Social Book Marking, Social media Network, Blogs, Articles for back links and support to get early position
  • Look competitors work strategy and use better ideas and strategies to defeat them
  • Adopt genuine way of surviving instead of backdoor using policy
  • Use qualitative and quantitative approaches to get visitors attention
  • Update regularly and add new materials in websites