How to Add Alexa Rank Checker And Page Rank Checker Tool

Google, Bing, Yahoo are those search engines which does not need any introduction. Whenever, an internet user enter any keyword for his searching topics, there occurs numbers of search results for the particular search item. The on appearing at the top is considered as the most top ranked site. The reason for its top ranked location includes the website quality content, the images, videos, links, backlinks.We have hundreds of SEO tools that are useful in getting the most appropriate results of the websites on Search Engine Results. Alexa Rank checker is one of the most opted among these checking tools. This tool is made available free of cost on internet. Webmasters or the SEOs can easily use it know the page rank of a particular website.

Generally, a page rank is the method which the search engines use to determine the relevancy or importance of a website. This can be checked though the tool of Page rank checker. There are many factors involved in the procedure of ranking a page or a site. All of those, Page rank algorithm is the most popular one. The method calculates two major prospects’. First one is, the number of links present on a webpage from other pages. And the second one is the quality of these linking sites. A page is ranked on the basis of rich quality links rather than that of less established or less reputable links.

There are many sites present on internet that are offering free Alexa rank checker online. The tool facilitates in checking the PageRank with the help of results relating to website page rank and the traffic graph scheming six months of concerning traffic. Alexa Checker is very easy to use, the user only has to enter the url of the website and have to press the Get Page Rank button. This step will shows him with the results of his present PageRank position along with the traffic his website has received within last 6 months. The checker collects its data from the servers that have installed Alexa toolbar in their browser and then rank the page. In short, the technique is to measure the popularity in relation with other websites.

The domains entered into the checker if shows lower results, it refers to the top ranking of the domain on the search engine results. Google alexa rank checkeris one of the most accurate and freely available tool on internet. It finds out that how well a site is ranking against millions of websites present on web as its competitor. Ranking of a site may drop or can raise with the influence of traffic it is receiving on its website. This tool is used to rank a page that is listed in Google’s directory. Page rank of a webpage is set on the scale of 0 to 1. 0 is the lowest score whereas 10 is the highest score. Alexa rank is created on the basis of downgrading order towards 1, with this the hugely visited website is given 1st rank.