How to Check Page Rank Using SEOquake for Firefox

The presence of billions of websites on Internet requires a deep consideration to operate the exact product and services offered by these websites. Their proper running and existence is must for those visitors who visit the websites in search of their requirement. The website must contain some of these special features:

  • Superior Content

  • Amazing images and graphics

  • Quality links and back links

  • Easy Navigation

  • Attracting Look and feel

Type of business the site is dealt into, and various other features and functions.
If all these structures are followed properly by the website holder than he his site earn a good name and fame in the world of Internet. We have numbers of websites available on web but most of them lacks superiority. To overcome this problem, the technique of Search Engine Optimization is used that helps in increasing the site’s quality. There are various SEO tools available free of cost online with the use of which a site can get a good page rank on search engine results. This ranking will help them appear on top of the Search engine results. Some of the biggest search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Tools like SEO rank checker, Page Rank Checker, Duplicate Content Checker, Google Index Checker etc. This missing over here among the above examples is SEOquake Checker. The tool is very useful in websites proper checking and testing. This SEO tool is used for viewing large number of Search engine parameters. SEOquake Program facilitates the user in viewing his websites business more easily and conveniently. It is made more convenient if the websites holds a good page ranking. One of the very common used browser for this purpose is Mozilla Firefox. The browser consists of three main functional parts-

  • SEO Toolbar (here all the requested parameters are stored in a separate toolbar )

  • SEO bar (the requested parameters are stored with customizable HTML and CSS blocks)

  • Outputs of requested parameters on Search Engine Result pages (SERPs).

One who is interested in SEOquake needs to be using Firefox browser and can download the tool at free of cost from here. This supports only chrome, firefox and safari browsers only. Hence, cannot be used using other browsers. SEOquake helps in gaining information of any website and the site ranking of number of websites with other different parameters. Some of these parameters are page rank, Google Index, Duplicate content, Alexa rank, quality backlinks and many other topics. SEOquake has a parameter which depicts the quality of nofollow links.The tool is easily installed and takes couple of seconds to give valuable results of requested parameters.

How to Check Page Rank Using SEOquake for Firefox 

The installation and the use of this tool is very easy. Here is mentioned the steps involved in using this tool for the results.

  • The user in order to get this tool can visit the site and can download the tool free of cost.

  • The browser is required to be restart after the installation. Later, the user should go to Tools>SEOQuake>Preferences.

  • In the preferences, other than the first row all other rows are deselected.

  • The next step is to move on the Advanced Tab. Here, 2000ms delay is entered which is helpful in preventing the ban by the search engines in case the requested parameters Of SEOQuake is too high and the box is checked for “Use Cache”.

  • The steps are over. The user can turn on SEOQuake to get the page results of certain sites on Search Engines like Google etc.