How To Choose And Use Keywords Properly

As a blogger, you have to be careful in determining keywords. Since choosing keywords is very important thing, you must do a lot of researches and combinations to get them. Have you used and specified the appropriate keywords for your blog? In this article, I will share three easy steps to find out and use keywords properly.

1. Use SEO keyword suggestion tool

You can use SEO keyword suggestion tool as this software helps you in finding proper keywords easily. This tool will suggest all keywords suitable with your site’s theme.

2. Use keywords having low competition and high search volume.

Keywords used on your article should have low competition and have a high search volume. Of course obtaining these results is quite hard since all bloggers would want to optimize and use best keywords on each of their post.

3. Placing keywords in right places

Placing keywords is an important point in every SEO effort. You should place the keywords in the title tag of your article pages, paragraphs or front cover section. Use only keywords that are suitable and relevant to the pages of your writing.

I’ve created the first case, for example, I will create an online store selling catfish, and my goal for the site is to sell catfish, catfish equipment, catfish feed, and everything associated with catfish. So we will research keyword catfish. Let’s take the keyword research.

  • Sign in to Google Adwords External Keyword Tool
  • Please sign in advance if you have trouble in filling the Chaptca code
  • After signing in, see the section Match Types in the left sidebar. Check the [Exact]
  • Change also the Ad group ideas tab (Beta) to Keyword ideas
  • Please enter the catfish in the column Words or phrases. Then select your target country

markets, such as United States.

How to Beat Your Competitors

Once you have determined the keywords you should conquer them. What you should do is at least …

 Creating an article with good ON-PAGE SEO

 See reffering domain, external backlinks, citation flow and flow trust of competitor’s

articles. What you should do is exceeding the number of such values. For example your competitor have 15 external backlinks then you must provide more than 15 backlinks. You also have to consider the quality of backlinks you get. For a more complete explanation, please read what quality backlink is. This is very important!

I have two choices to explain about how to choose the right keywords

1. Choose keywords that have great traffic with tough competition. And your blog would be

located on page 3 of Google search.

2. Or keywords with little traffics but have easier competition. And your blog would be located on

page 1 of Google search

If I am given two options above then I would choose the number two. You must realize that it is better if we are in first position with a smaller traffic, instead of selecting keywords with greater traffic but bring fewer visitors.