How to Choose Proper Domain Name For Your Website

Are you going to create your own website? What is the most important thing in creating a new website? Searching for and selecting the website’s domain name? Some people say that domain name has the big power. It is becoming increasingly important in the era of internet marketing and brand development. Many people assume that the first step to do is finding out the right domain name, even choosing domain name is the hardest part of the process of making the web, no matter what type of website or blog built. A lot of people get caught up in the website design process to forget that the domain name is the first thing visitors see and remember. If we already have previous business, we can try to put our business name to be used as a domain name, but the problem is whether the name is still available? What should we do if the domain name we are seeking is already owned by someone else? We can try to buy the domain name if its name is very important for us. We should realize that the domain price is usually not cheap, especially if we are the beginner.

You should follow some tips in finding and choosing a good domain name for your website or blog. You can follow the whole or partially tips if you can devote some time to discuss with your team in choosing a domain name. In this article, I will share only one tips but it’s the most important in choosing a domain name.

Create a simple domain that is easy to remember

Make it easy to remember. In fact, most buyers look before buying. It may take several visits to our website, before the visitors are ready for purchasing the products or services of our website. If they return, it is very important that visitors can easily remember the name of our website.

Or if we want to build a website that contains a tutorial or things that are useful to the reader, we have to create a domain name that is easy to remember in order to make it easier for readers who want to re-visit. You can use services of helper-sites like Bulk SEO Tools to check domain, page rank, Alexa rank, and others at once.

Currently, Google would prefer to send traffic to the website that has branded domain name. So it is very important to create a branded domain name in order to help our visitors in getting and remembering our website. The short name is very easy to type, easy to remember, and easy to share.

For example: Google, Skype, Twitter, and so forth.

A short domain name will be appeared in search results. Google will cut the domain name that is too long in its search results, so make potential readers sometimes can’t know the full name of the domain in the search results. Most of the short domain names today have been purchased with the intention of resale at a very expensive price.