How to Choose Right Keyword? Here’s How to Deal with!

There is one of the most important things that must be done before you make a blog so that your blogging activity will not be in vain, or so that later you will not find yourself in a state of frustration. It is important for you to first do keyword research. Use the simplest concept by using the help of “Google Keyword Tool” or what now known as “Keyword Planner”. This is important to be done in advance. You should choose the most appropriate keyword where the keyword has a little rivalry and a high market share at once. In other words, choose keywords that do not have a lot of competitors (the users), but sought after by many people through search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Error in choosing keyword will greatly affect the traffic. You may find that the selected keyword occupies the first position in the search results, but your blog still cannot get many visitors. To avoid this problem, you need to do keyword research as the first step in creating or designing a blog. Perform keyword research by selecting keywords as many as possible and look for keywords that have low competition level but favored by the targeted readers.

You need to remember that the purpose of keyword research is not only to find the keywords with the highest number of searches. Not only bring visitors, but to bring the right visitors. If you want them to buy the products you offer, then you should target keywords used by people who really want to buy. Here you might need to use keyword rank checker.

Popular websites usually do not bother with the keyword competition. But for the new website, the keyword competition is mandatory.

Here’s why:

New websites under the age of 3-6 months will normally not be able to get a high ranking when competing with websites over the age of 6 months. For that we should look for keywords with low competition yet, so we have quite a lot of visitors without waiting in a long time. By doing so, we can improve our reputation step by step.

It is better if the keyword research is done continuously, as in the following case: When we managed to be number one on a particular keyword, apparently after a few days or months, the trend of the had decreased from 30 thousand visitors/month to 5 thousand visitors/month. To overcome this, we need new strategies to boost traffic.

Keywords can be installed on all pages of the blog; therefore the keywords are divided into two parts; main keywords and additional keywords. For more details, we can put the main keyword in the domain name and the title of the blog page, while additional keyword can be mounted on each blog article.

After doing some research keyword least we’ve got a picture of the markets that we are targeting. Of course the next step is to develop a strategy in order to win the match. The match here is a match for the top position of search engines. It is undeniable that the biggest contributor for traffic or visitors is search engine and Google is the king.