How To Optimize Sites Using Bing

Search site remains a snapshot by Microsoft, which eventually make its own sites seeker. After failing with Live Search, the richest software company owned by Bill Gates launched its latest search engine site, namely Bing, to compete with Google and Yahoo. The online search engine was built to help internet users in making decisions with the support of search technology developed by Powerset.

Bing is a search engine made by Microsoft. Bing is a form of reincarnation that Microsoft made to the three previous search engines; Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search. Bing was launched on 3 June 2009 to replace three previous search engines. Bing was made using a sophisticated technology provided by Powerset. The technology allows users to get search results more accurately. In addition, Bing came with the ability to store divide historical searches through Windows SkyDrive, Facebook, and e-mail. Bing search is grouping based on four categories, namely:

1. Web to search the web page or website

2. Images for image search

3. News for news searches

4. xRank for the searching for who and what the most requested by users of Bing

One of several attractive services that can be found in Bing is the “Bing Entertainment”. By using Bing Entertainment, we can watch a variety of free entertainment anytime and anywhere. Bing offers more complete features than other search engines.

The website optimization using Bing needs to be done by owners of business sites and blogs as an additional effort of finding alternative traffic. Google is the number one search engine, but by optimizing on other search engines, then we can “steal” some of the traffic that coming from these search engines. The following information is useful for optimizing your site using

In this article I will share some tips to optimize sites using, let’s check them out!

1. Create an account at Bing webmaster tool

2. Sign in with your email address registered with the webmaster.

3. Do the “add a site”, submit the sitemap and verify the given code.

4. If you have made this, go to the dashboard and select “configure my site”

5. On the menu “configure my site” please select “submit URLs”

6. Enter the URL of any article contained in your site and click “submit”

7.  Within a month, you are only permitted to enter up to 50 URLs and you can add max 10

URLS a day

8. Wait for a few days or weeks, Bing search engine will be crawling and indexing every single URL that has been registered.

Indeed, the process of crawling by Bing is quite slow. To know the result, you should use Free Bing Index Checker Tool. Bing also permits very limited number of URLs in a month. That is only about 50 URLs per website URL only. In other side, Google allows up to 500 URLs per account. However, you should use every search engine to get the traffic as much as possible, no exception for Bing.