How to Promote Your Products Through Your Website Effectively

If you have a good product, probably not many people who know your product otherwise it has been promoted. No matter through social media or SEO, you still need to get customers to your website – especially if you are running an e-commerce.

In this article, there are a few ways to boost your site’s ranking in Google, let’s check them out!
1. Focus on the Long Tail :
If you create a new site, it is certainly very difficult to take popular keywords quickly. It would be better if you write a lot of quality articles that run on very specific keywords rather than usual keywords. Another benefit gained from staying focused with long tail keywords is that those keywords usually can give a better conversion rate.

2. Consistent :
The longer your site within your business niche and produces quality online contents, the more likely you to be out in all the search result for related keywords. Creating a blog and writing a lot of quality articles are two required steps.

3. Optimize Your Articles
There are three main things on your web page that should be optimized, namely: a meta title, description and keywords. The optimizing process is a simple matter and can be done when you publish a piece of content on your site. Indeed, you definitely need time to do it when publishing the articles, but you will get big benefits.

4. Do not Forget About Link Building (ethical) :
Link building is the basis of off-page optimization for search engines. The best part is that you are free to choose links, as they can be placed anywhere. Try asking vendors, partners, press, clients, and other credible sources so that you can embed keywords and a hyperlink back to your site for the keywords that you are targeting. If your source has a high page rank, you will see your rank rise in less than two months.

5. Use the Google Keyword Tool (now Google Keyword Planner) :
Use this tool to find long tail keywords that are not competitive. If you are in a competitive niche, this is a way you can get started. In addition, you can use the Keyword Rank Checker.

6. Provide Value to Your Readers :
If you want to improve your organic search of search engines, the content marketing through the guest post is the fastest way to build a huge traffic. You need to know that content marketing is about quality and not quantity. If you have bad contents, people will not want to take the time to read or share your contents/articles. Therefore, when writing content, try to always asking yourself whether you (supposing you are the reader) will take five or even ten minutes to read it? Do you want to share it with others? If you think your content is bad, then you need to try editing one more time.

7. Do Trying to Outsmart Google :
If you try to outsmart Google probably this way will run for a while, but this way is not a good strategy for the long term. To improve organic search, you have to produce relevant contents to the board on what might be searched by your users. Check the Google Keyword Tool /Google Keyword planner to make sure you’ve used the right keywords.