Seven Tips You Should Note In Writing A Good Article

Are you confusing of writing article? The ability to write good articles is indispensable in various fields, especially if you work as a journalist, writer, or internet marketer. Indeed, to make interesting writing you exactly require a lot of practices and efforts. In addition, you should also pay attention to some rules that could make the articles you write look professional and readable. Well, here we give 10 interesting tips to write a good article:

1. The language that is easy to understand

One characteristic of a good article is the use of language that is easily understood. Do not make the article with a convoluted language, with a variety of scientific terms that will only make your readers feel confused. You should use language that is widely used in everyday conversation of your targeted reader. Use short sentences with a meaning as clear as possible. No need to try to look smart by using a variety confusing terms.

2. The proper grammar

You still have to remember to use standard language. You should use formal words contained in the dictionary. Do not even abbreviate words. If you use a standard language, the article you wrote certainly seems more professional. Not only that, the search engines like Google also will more easily find your article.

3. The interesting title

Choosing interesting title is absolutely necessary, especially if you write for the purpose of getting money from blogs. Combine also the title with popular keywords on Google. By doing this, you will easily getting the reader. First of all, try making a title that sounds controversial. Based in my experience, it works!

4. Use translator if needed

Don’t hesitate to use translator, moreover if you are not native English speaker, for example. You can get Free Online Language Translator from the Internet. Translator software is very beneficial and helps many writers all over the world.

5. Be creative

Try to make the article by using your imagination. Take a look at your main topic from different sides, so that the reader will get a creative standpoint. Try to look for cracks on a theme which roughly have not been written by someone else. Creativity has a very important role in writing a good article. The creativity makes your writing seems unique, and of course the reader will be curious and want to see more articles.

6. The good references

When writing articles, please refer to the reliable sources. For example, if you write articles on health, make sure you’ve done before research in various medical journals or articles written by health experts. If necessary, you should also inscribe references you use to make the reader become more confident.

7. Beneficial and factual

Beneficial articles are articles that can provide valid information to readers, or that makes them feel comforted when reading. Indeed, seven tips above are beneficial and should be used if you want to write good articles. Don’t give up when you meet a lot of problems during your efforts.