The Importance Of DA And PA For Development Of A Site

Are you a website owner? Google has announced to no longer upgrade this year’s Google Page Rank; it means that Google’s search techniques are no longer referring to the page rank of a site. Then, to compete in the search engine what should be done by us?

One of Google’s current benchmark is the quality of the Domain Authority and Page Authority (hereinafter referred to as DA and PA). In this post, we will discuss the understanding of the DA and the PA, and ways of enhancing them together so can be favored by search engines. Google very like sites with high DA and PA and sites with high DA and PA will likely appear on the front page of Google search.

Definition of Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is a reference to see the size of the strengths of a domain name. If you use a blog for example Blogspot or WordPress, the DA you have is or

Due to the high value of DA is very important for the search engines, then almost every site owner are trying to increase their DA value. Unlike Page Rank that has a value range of 1 to 10 (large to small), DA has a value range of ​​1 to 100 with the highest value is 100. There are three main things that determine the value of DA; age, popularity, and domain size (number of posts). By having these three factors, it will be easy to get your site ranked high in every search. By using Domain Authority-DA Checker, you can check your site’s DA and get a clear insight about how to develop your site.

The definition of Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority is a depiction of the ranking of a website or blog viewed from its pages. PA plays more important role than what DA does. The PA cannot be separated from the excellence in the use of SEO techniques. PA uses same value range, 1 to 100 with the highest score is 100. A website or blog with high PA value has a better chance to emerge as a winner in the search engines. An example is Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia has a very large number of pages, the Wikipedia almost always appears in every search on every keyword.

How To Increase Page Authority

Search engine algorithms are always changing every moment. But Google never made a secret of how its search engine implements the task of searching the site. Although not explained in detail, but the value of a web page becomes the defining point. Over the years, Google has been trying to get rid of sites that are not user-friendly. This heavy work has made Google continues to improve the ranking of sites with fresh content that can be applied to the browser. Having a lot of quality backlinks is not easy. However, if your site contains great and original information, then your site will be able to attract a lot of cyberspace surfers to visit.