The Importance Of SERP And How To Boost It

Do you know what SERP is? What is the importance of SERP in SEO? SERP is an acronym or abbreviation for Search Engine Results Page, a list of web pages that appears as a result of the response for what written on the search engines. SERP is an integral part of SEO efforts.

To put it simply, when you type a keyword into a search engine, then we press enter, then the page will display a list of web pages that contain a title, link URL (or also called permalink), and a brief description of the appropriateness of keyword we write with the content of the intended page.

Checking the position of an article in the SERP is the most common practice done by the SEO experts to examine whether their articles ranked well in Google’s main page or not. If not, they usually change a new strategy to re-compete and seize the main page of Google. As we know, Google gives very large traffic compared to other search engines, so reaching prime position in Google’s main page is mandatory thing if you want to have abundant organic traffic! To check the article position in Google’s main page, we use SERP checker. By using SERP checker, we can monitor the progress of our website contents.

What can be done to boost the SERP position? Link building is one of the techniques that we can use to boost SERP position. The importance of link building is shown by evidence that you can see yourself in the Google’s search pages. These sites showed in the first to the tenth positions are sites that have been doing link building inside and outside by link exchange or blog commenting.

However, old sites do not have to do link exchange. They just need to do link building internally and this can really help them in maintaining SERP positions. Anchor text is also very influential in a link building process, because the anchor text used should be relevant to the target link. Another important thing is the placement of any back link must have a clear direction.

At least, there are two options that can be done by the bloggers when planting a backlink, namely:
1. Directing backlink to the main page (homepage)
2. Directing backlink to the post page

The first option is very suitable for every new website. The reason is that each new blog or website is in desperate need of backlinks to the homepage, either from articles or other websites to strengthen the position of the homepage on Google search results.

While the second one is usually made by the bloggers who follow the SEO contest. The second option is also suitable for use by an old website that has a lot of backlinks. However, the combination of both choices is much recommended to do by a lot of website experts. I hope this short article can give you a clear insight about how importance the SERP for your blog or website.