The Importance Of The Uniqueness Of Article

Are you a writer? Do you write your blog’s articles by yourself? Ever heard the expression “Content is King”? Indeed, the article is still the main ingredient for improving traffic / visits to your website. The more articles you have, the more likely traffic coming to your site. However, not all articles can bring visitors. We should realize that only unique articles that can bring visitors to your site. Unique article should meet the uniqueness of terms of content, wording and style of writing. One of the most important aspects of content is its uniqueness. The uniqueness will distinguish a website with other websites and the more unique a website, the bigger chance the website to get more visitors.

Unique, in this case or at least what I am talking about in this article, is not related to the theme or niche, but to the wording and style of language used by the author. A theme or niche may have been written by hundreds or even thousands of blog writers, if we are interested and want to discuss it in the article, then the uniqueness is something we should get if we want to get a good place in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). The SERP describes exactly how popular a website is.

In essence, although we use a style of our own language with the experience and knowledge we have, our articles could be the same as previous articles talking about same theme or niche. Just imagine, if a theme discussed many times to hundreds of times, of course, the risk of duplication of the content is very open.

For this reason, it’s good for us to check again before publishing our article, ensuring the uniqueness of the article. We can check for plagiarism using a lot of plagiarism checkers widely available on the Internet. At least, there are two kinds of plagiarism checker, the free and paid one. Of course, we will get more facilities if we use the paid plagiarism checker, but in many cases, the free one can still meet our needs to check the uniqueness of our articles.

There are many advantages if we always publish unique articles for the search engines and visitors to the blog. For search engines such as Google for example, it will always put the unique articles on the front page of search results. The greatness of unique articles is able to shift the position of competitors without having to think about various confusing SEO techniques.

As for visitors, unique articles can provide the information they need exactly match what they are looking for. Visitors will never regret to come back again, because the information they need are exist only in our place, not somewhere else. Remember that the only reason why our visitors remain loyal visiting our websites is our contents. Don’t ever make them disappointed as once they are disappointed, they tend to be visiting other websites in other days.