The Importance Of Unique Content in Improving Blog

Have you ever heard the term “Content is king”? Indeed, until now the article is still the main ingredient for improving traffic / visits to your website. The more articles you make, the more likely traffic that coming to your site. Let’s discuss about how to improve our blog by providing unique content.

However, not all articles can bring visitor. Only unique articles that can bring visitors to your site. Unique articles determined in terms of content, wording and style of writing.

Unique here is not related to the theme or niche, but with regard to the wording and style of the language used by the author. Unique is everything, you should remember these words! There are two important aspects of web content. For convenience, we will divide into two aspects, namely the Quantity and Quality.

Quality means that the content should be well written and avoiding mistakes in typing that make visitors wonder if your website really knows the topic being discussed. Any content should be rich in keywords, informative and interesting, so visitors feel they have learned something.

Quantity, on the other hand means that your website should be updated regularly. A visitor can go back to an article two or three times if he or she feels that your content is interesting. Don’t
ever give any not interesting article to your readers. This is a very big mistake that should be avoided.

You should be realizing that a theme or a niche could be written by hundreds or even thousands of blog writers, if we are interested and would like to discuss in the theme, then the uniqueness of the articles we make must be maintained if you want to get a good place in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).

In essence, although we use the language of our own style with the experience and knowledge we have in making the article, it still does not close the possibility of having same wording and writing style that have been used by others. Just imagine, if a theme has been discussed many times to hundreds of times, of course, the risk of duplication of the content is very open.

For this reason, it’s worth for us to pay attention to the uniqueness of the article before publishing. We actually can use a lot of ways; one of them is to check for plagiarism. You can use various plagiarism checkers that are widely available on the Internet. You can also use writing services on the Internet. They always write unique articles for their clients.

There are many advantages if we always publish unique articles regarding search engines and blog visitors. Google loves unique articles! The greatness of unique articles that is able to shift the position of competitors without considering SEO techniques which sometimes lead to confusion. As for visitors, unique articles provide the information they need precisely match what they are looking for. Visitors will never regret to come back again, because the information they need exist only in our place and not somewhere else.