Understanding What The Backlink Is?

You’ll often hear the word backlink while doing blog walking or just looking at Google pages. In this article, I will discuss about the definition and importance of the backlinks to your blog. Backlink has various functions and terms in its application. I will share according to my own experience, to clarify about the definition and the importance of backlink. Based on my simple
understanding, I can divide the definition of backlink into three points. Let’s check them out!

Backlink is a form of text or text collection which has an active link directed to another website
or blog. You should realize that the backlinks can be images, banners, or animation pictures that contain an active link directed to another website.

Backlink is a link that forms a set of keywords related to another website. In other words, backlink can be keywords that have a strong relationship with theme of other blog that is being targeted.

Types of Backlinks

One-Way Links, the backlinks that only lead in one direction and do not provide feedback to your blog or website.

Reciprocal Links, the backlinks that connect two pieces of website. So there is a reciprocal relationship that benefits both sides (both websites). Thus, it can be concluded that Reciprocal Links are more profitable for two websites.

The Importance of Backlink

Once you know and understand about the understanding of backlink, that’s the time you understand the importance of backlink to your blog or website. Here are a few examples of the importance of backlink:

  • Improving SEO optimization
  • Raising SERP
  • Increasing the amount of blog traffic
  • Increasing pagerank
  • “Forcing” search engine bots to visit your blog frequently

Hunting backlink is not as easy as we imagine. It’s useless if you install 1000 unqualified backlinks. What you need to do is just finding a few quality backlinks. The search engine bots will never see the reputation of a website from its number of backlinks, but from its backlinks’ quality.

How to Know the Number of Backlinks

Knowing the number of backlinks is one of the most important techniques in link building. There are many tools that you can use ranging from the most accurate to inaccurate, paid or free. The following tool is the most accurate tool I used to check the number of backlinks of my own blog as well as the number of backlinks of other blogs.

Backlinks Checker Google Tool

How to check is also quite easy, make sure your blog has been listed in Google Webmaster Tool. You need to visit Google Webmaster Tool’s dashboard page and then click on the URL of the blog you want to check. Look on the left side, there are several menus and submenus to optimize your site, but in this article we only need to check backlinks, please click SEARCH TRAFFIC then click on the submenu “Links to Your Site”. You will be given “Total Links”, that’s the total amount of backlinks of the site you’re checking.