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About Domain Age Checker

In this guide, we have explained what a domain age checker is.  

What is a Domain Age Checker?

The Domain Age Checker is a tool or software that helps users determine the right age of their website or domain from when the domain was registered. Domain age is an important factor for site ranking. 

How to Operate the Domain Age Checker?

 To operate the Domain Age checker, follow these steps:

  • Insert the URL of the website in the box

  • Complete the image verification

  • Press the submit button

How important is Domain Age?

The debate surrounding domain age and Search engine optimization (SEO) has been going on in the market industry for a while. Google gives several reasons why Domain age is important for your SEO. The consensus in the Search Engine Optimization community is that Google prioritizes old domains or websites in the search results.

The idea is that only quality websites can stand the test of time. Also, you need to understand that domain age doesn't only refer to the website's age; it also refers to how long the domain has been part of the Google index. 

This means that there are no guarantees that if you purchase a 10-year-old domain, Google will index it. If a website has been registered for over 10 years but has an improper structure, Google will not pay attention to it.

Google uses domain age to determine a website's ranking in search results. It is also essential for users or website owners to make domain age a part of their SEO strategy. However, if your site has a proper structure and the right domain age, Google will probably index it.