Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

In this guide will find information about the Server status checker. 

What does the Server Status Checker do?

A server status checker is a tool that enables the user to obtain application status codes. These codes check the status of a website, and the HTTP protocol offers a way for the webserver to convey the response status to the browser. 

How to operate the Server Status Checker?

To use the Server status checker, do this:

  • Enter website URLs in the box

  • Do the image verification

  • Press the submit button

In a few seconds, the tool will reveal the server status.

How important is it to check the Server's Status?

A server status check is an important tool that will keep website owners updated by regularly checking your site's status. The tool will indicate whether the website is working properly or not. The tool will indicate if something is wrong with the site so that you can fix the issue.

A site that is tough to access for users has a low ranking in Google's search results. An offline status means the site is inaccessible for users, forcing them to go to a different website. An offline status leaves a bad impact and creates a bounce rate. Here are some important server status codes:

  • 301: This shows that the website's address has been permanently moved to another site's address.

  • 400: This indicates a bad request.

  • 401: This shows unauthorized access.

  • 403: This indicates that you either have no access to the webpage or are forbidden to use it.

  • 404: This error appears on the screen when a particular webpage doesn't exist on the internet.

  • 410: This error gives an alert similar to 404.