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About Website Links Count Checker

We have briefly explained the website link count checker tool. 

What does the Website Links Count Checker do?

A website links counter checker is an online tool or software that enables the user to identify the amount of links on a particular webpage. 

How can you use the Website Links Count Checker?

To operate this tool, you need to do this:

  • ·Enter the URL in the box

  • ·Do the short image verification test

  • ·Press the submit button

How important are Website Links? 

Links from other websites and within a website are an important component of SEO. There is a direct relationship between the quantity/quality of links to your website. This also determines how much traffic your website receives. For online businesses, more links lead to more traffic and create more customers.

A hyperlink or link is a clickable object on a webpage that leads from one webpage to a different webpage. Links can appear on a website in different forms, such as buttons, images or texts. Links are classified based on the destination. 

One of the most important links is internal links. These links are formed between your website's web pages. Search engines, such as Google, determine links by analyzing the domain name of a website. If links on a webpage lead to other web pages on the same domain, they are called internal links.

If your website were created to have more than one domain name, Google would identify this as an external link. The second important variety of links is inbound links from a different domain name or website. The last category of links is outbound links and outbound links that link to sites on a different domain name.