How to Reset MPOW Headphones [Working Guide]

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How to Reset MPOW Headphones

While hunting for the best headphones whether you have to take them to the gym or for a morning walk, the selection of headphones is quite a difficult and time-consuming part and you come across many available options. Still, good headphones can make your life easier and enhance your listening and enjoying music experience. But, these headphones may experience some issues which are not entirely technical, and only minimal information about How to Reset MPOW headphones can make the headphones the best choice.

Most people do recommend wireless headphones as the wired headphones may sometimes get tangled and keep messing with your entire activity.

Most of the time, wireless or Bluetooth headphones seem to stop working occasionally. They face some problems in connecting with our smartphones, and sometimes headphones give sound out of the device. It just sounds meaningless.

Don’t be too afraid of this issue as some people may face similar problems in their routine lives with their Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices are not yet made to define perfection. So, these issues are not because you have purchased the wrong wireless headphone or a cheap one.

These issues with connectivity may arise due to various reasons like unsuccessful pairing, proximity issues, any potential source interfering with the connection, or inability to access the device. 

How to Reset MPOW Headphones / How to Reset MPOW Bluetooth Headphones?

  1. First, turn off your MPOW headphones and put them in the charging box.
  2. Press and hold the power button.
  3. Wait for the red and white lights to blink alternately.
  4. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and pair it.
  5. Wait for the blue Bluetooth light to flash. You will hear an indication voice  “connected.”

How to Reset Bluetooth Headphones According to Brand

You can reset your Bluetooth headphones according to the specific brand you own. It takes some guesswork but definitely, each brand has its own specifications and complexities when there arises any issue.

Why Are My Mpow Headphones Not Working?

If your phone still does not make a sound after both mobile audio and media audio are turned on, turn it on and turn it back on. Change the headphone’s default settings to what they were before

How Do I Reset My Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones?

  1. First, turn off Bluetooth and remove MPOW Flame.
  2. Make simultaneous movements of both volume buttons.
  3. Resetting the LED light will give a flash of blue four times a second and it will be all reset.

How Do You Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works?

  1. Compatibility between two devices is important.
  2. The headphone must be in good shape.
  3. Make sure the balance of the audio jack is correct while connecting two devices.

How Do I Turn On The Mic On My Mpow Headphones?

  1. Click the speaker icon and open Sound settings in the upper right corner of the taskbar.
  2. Go to the Input section and select headset.
  3. If your headset needs to be disabled, ensure that it’s on.

How Do I Reset My Mpow Flame Lite?

Hold the charging case’s button for 6 seconds, and it will clear your already saved information. A flash will be visible when the earbuds are exposed. It means that the reset succeeded. MPOW Flame Lite will automatically initiate paired mode when the LED light goes out for one minute.

How Do I Reset My Mpow 2 Flame Headphones?

Please long-press the “MFB” and volume “+” button together in parallel toggling the Mpow Flame 2 Bluetooth Headphones back on during any ambient conditions.

In case you are facing any kind of difficulty in connecting MPOW Bluetooth with the device, the best way to get rid of this query is to simply reset the Bluetooth connection.

How To Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Connection?

If you’re still facing problems pairing your device with Bluetooth even after resetting,

Try troubleshooting:

You can do it by removing any device which is already paired.

Or, by pressing the power button when the LED starts flashing red and blue.

I hope that you have got the best explanation for “How to Reset MPOW Headphones.”




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